LOCAL COACHED RUN GROUPS (All groups should be contacted to confirm meeting times) :

Training Groups

Team Florida Track Club is a training group that welcomes runners of all ages and abilities. Team FTC offers 3 weekly runs around Gainesville allowing runners to train together throughout the week. Unlike other running clubs, TeamFTC has its own coach. Coach Enoch, a legendary runner for the University of Florida, offers customized training plans and one on one training sessions. Enoch's training programs are designed to offer runners the same level of training, proper nutrition, pacing strategies, specific pace ranges, core strength, and guidance typically reserved for professional athletes.

To learn more about TeamFTC, please visit their https://www.teamfloridatrackclub.com/ or contact Coach Enoch at teamfloridatrackclub@gmail.com

Gainesville Galloway Groups – Saturdays Mornings

We meet Saturday mornings in various locations in Gainesville that are scenic and safe to do long runs using the time-tested Galloway run/walk/run approach. This is great for new runners as well as seasoned people who have been plagued by injuries and want to prepare for a half or full marathon with less risk of getting hurt.

For more information contact: Elizabeth Hanselman at gainesvillerunwalkrun@gmail.com or (352) 214-6836 or go to Jeff’s website: www.jeffgalloway.com.

Two Rules Running

Two Rules Running is a running training group that focuses on improving performance through structured workouts and a supportive running community.

The Two Rules are simple:

Rule #1: Look good

Rule #2: Don’t die

The Rules are both whimsical and serious.

Here’s how simple they are to follow. Are you running? Then you look good! A side perk is that because you have been running, you will look good even when you are not running =)

Are you still breathing? Second rule achieved! A side perk is that because you have been running, you will probably live even longer =)  To contact or for more information go to tworulesrunning.com

Social Running Groups (All groups should be contacted to confirm meeting times):

Running Groups

Saturday FTC Morning Long Run & Breakfast @ (Varies weekly)  - 6:00 AM (spring/summer) 6:30 AM (fall/winter)

Long run (8 to 14 miles)
Various Locations In Northwest and Southwest Gainesville

Contact Diane Miller (386-462-2384, dvmiller1@windstream.net) since the location changes. Join the Gainesville Running Google Group above to get the weekly emails Diane sends out announcing the meeting location and route.  The time changes according to daylight savings time (7 am in Fall/Winter) and (6 am in Spring/Summer). Between 6 and 15 runners do 8-14 miles at various paces and over different courses. This group of mostly FTC members does long runs each weekend in preparation for upcoming marathons. But you don’t have to be a marathoner to enjoy their company. After running, the group goes out for breakfast.

Sunday @ San Felasco Trail Run - 7:30 AM

Sunday Trail meets at 7:30AM for a 7:45 AM cool run under the trees. Several marked nature trails allow for name-your-own distance between 2 and 20 miles, the large group means you never have to run alone (unless you want!). All paces encouraged. San Felasco south entrance, 11101 Millhopper Road, Gainesville. Questions, contact Richard rjgarand@gmail.com

Monday @ UF Stadium Fit2Run & Salty Dog Fun Run – 6:30 PM

The Salty Dog run on Monday Nights is about a 3.5 mile run (give or take; 3-4 miles), that goes through some cool parts of campus. It starts at Gate 6 of the Ben Hill Griffin Football Stadium, 6:30 PM. Runners get a free beer from Salty Dog afterwards. Contact Chase Chaser@fit2run.com or Natalie Nataliec@fit2run.com for details.

Tuesdays & Thursdays @  Kirkwood Running Group SW 13th St. and SW 25th Pl - 6:30 PM (fall/winter) 6:45 PM (spring/summer)

Meets at 6:30 pm in Fall and Winter and 6:45 pm in Spring and Summer. We meet in the parking lot on the corner of SW 13th St. and SW 25th Place and run the 3 mile course of the former Literacy Run. Some of us run it twice or add other variations for more miles. The course is shady with low traffic. The group consists of runners of all abilities and all ages and is open to anyone.Contact Rick Swenson: phone 352 336 7798 or email raswenson53@hotmail.com

Tuesday @ Tioga Town Center - 6:30 PM

Contact Kevin Love if you’re coming for the first time. imnotthatkevinlove@gmail.com

Tuesday @ UF Stadium Stadium Steps and Ramps – 5:00 PM

5:00 PM1/2 hour of cardio at the UF Football Stadium. Contact Stadium Stompers a.k.a. Barry Murphy (352-672-0756). This is a half-hour cardio workout of stadium steps! Our group meets at Gate Four of the stadium and walkers, joggers, and runners are encouraged to come.

Wednesday @ Oaks Mall Fit2Run - 6:30 PM

Come run with us at an “All Welcome” FunRun at Fit2Run conveniently located in the Oaks Mall. Every Wednesday evening @ 6:30pm. 6:15 early birds get to get that stretch in and hydration and nutrition beforehand. Enjoy your choice of pace and selected routes to run!! Distance varies and feel free to choose which distance is best for you.   Contact our event coordinator at eventsgainesville@fit2run.com for details.

Wednesay @ First Magnitude Brewery - 6:30 PM

Contact Kevin Love if you’re coming for the first time. imnotthatkevinlove@gmail.com

Thursday @ Tipples - 6:00 PM

Meets at Tipples on the corner of SW Tower Rd and 24th Ave. 4 mile route with paces ranging from 8-12 minute miles. Come join us for plenty of conversation and camaraderie. Stick around to grab a beer at Tipples afterwards. Currently meeting at 6:00 and heading out on run at 6:15. The pace ranges from 8:00 to 12:00/mile. http://www.mapmyrun.com/run/united-states/fl/gainesville/600127990866414223 Group time may change so touch base with Kevin if you’re coming for the first time. imnotthatkevinlove@gmail.com

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